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Creating Calm Interiors provide solutions to domestic, commercial and industrial noise pollution. Its what we do!

Whether it’s a simple acoustic panel, home cinema, sound studio, car showroom or a full Auditorium, we have the products and experience to deal with noise pollution within your environment.
Our operatives have successfully installed acoustic wall treatment worldwide.

When people are annoyed by activity sounds around them (noise), they futilely search for “quiet.” Since noise is unwanted sound, “quiet” is often considered the absence of sound. Noise is often described as the sound made by other people. Our own sounds are always more acceptable. For example, a manager in an office may complain about the noise created by another manager’s secretary, but not that of his own.Employees must be convinced that any change in their acoustical environments made on their behalf. The desire to have personal control over that environment is implied.People will judge how reverberant (live) a room is, based on how they hear the echoes of voices or footsteps. Generally, a reverberant room is considered more “noisy”, and therefore less acceptable than a “quiet” room. Subjectively, people interpret a “quiet” room as “plush”, “expensive” or important.”Sound absorbing materials are desirable in the office environment